Hello and a much belated Happy New Year! Yes, I am aware that it’s now April. It seems I have been missing in action for the last few months. Life took over as it so often does. But! I am now back and all yours.

Looking down my first posts, I noticed the ill fated coat rack. Sadly my DIY efforts were short lived and the rack soon fell off. The coats are now being stored in the under stairs cupboard.

A Lot has changed since I was last here. We have decided to put our house on the market. You might find it on a scroll through #rightmove, tucked away in a quiet Dorset village. I am currently trying to start up a little business from home to keep me busy and earn a little pocket money. My daughter had her first birthday and my son turned three. I, unfortunately, got a year closer to 30. The less said about that the better.

I’d like to give a bit more detail regarding my little business venture. My family has a long history in the catering/food industry. My great grandfather was a butcher, my grandparents owned and ran pubs and bed and breakfasts, my auntie and uncle own their own delicatessen and my parents, both chefs, are catering managers. One would think this is a path I would naturally follow. Whilst spending most of my teen years in a kitchen or waitressing at functions, this is not a career I would have chosen. Although, in hindsight I did have a natural flare for front of house work and perhaps should have pursued this line of work.

I love cooking and follow my step-fathers lead in being able to throw meals together using whatever is lying around. My husband will rave to anyone about how my food is restaurant quality, a little misguided I must say. But, the one thing I love more than anything in the kitchen is baking and creating. I will happily spend hours creating the (not quite) perfect birthday cake for my children and love to see people enjoying my creations.

So it occurred to me recently, why don’t I turn this passion in to a business. Born from this was Lottelicious. I’m currently only on Facebook and the page hasn’t gone live yet but when it does I’m really hoping people will take great delight in ordering and devouring my homemade goodies. I will initially be selling brownies by the box, boxes of truffles and Macarons.

I am having a great time at the moment making and testing various products and can’t wait to get my first orders. Please pop over and have a look at what’s on offer. Maybe a share or two if you fancy it. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lottelicious/744022505632194

It’s still early days and I will be adding more products as I go along. I’m really hoping this is a positive step forward for me and can grow it in to something wonderful.

Anyway, I shan’t keep you any longer.

Thanks for reading

Mrs O x