DIYife (DIY Wife, get it?)

So it’s been quite a while since I last posted. several health issues have been keeping me away but I am back and fighting fit.

This week I have become DIYife. My husband, whilst excellent in business, is not to special on the home improvement front. In fact he’s so anti manual labour he would ask anyone and everyone to get the jobs done instead.

The ‘to do’ list has been steadily growing over the last 9 months and I’ve finally decided to take the bull by the horns and get it done myself. 

I’m no DIY expert, in fact I’m more of a DIY novice but the best way to learn is through experience right? 

First job of the day, fix safety catches to various cupboards and draws. This extremely important job has been waiting for months to get done. With the help on my husband’s Bosch GSB 18-2-LI Professional (he really does have all the gear and no idea) I got started.

Attaching the catch to the inside of the cupboard was easy. The screwa went in easy as. Trying to fix the other part to the cupboard door was a total nightmare. Firstly, the cupboard door wouldn’t stay still and secondly, trying to actually hold the screw still  was almost impossible. Through sheer frustration and determination I finally got it on. 

Two cupboards and lots of angry words later I went to start my first drawer. I took one look at it and decided that was enough of that for one day.

Moving on, reattach the cost hook that had fallen off the utility room for the second time in as many months. Again using the amazing Bosch I got to work. This was simple, two screws one door. I got the wholes lined up straight and made little marks.

Putting the coat hook down for a minute I set about putting the screws in. Again the little buggers would not stay still and every time I put pressure on the drill they just pinged off. Any tips on how to hold the acres still without hurting my fingers would be great. I eventually got the screws in and the coat hook up. Several coats are now hanging happily and the coat hook is still up!

This is where the little people in my life took over and my progress halted. Later today I shall be attempting to out up three hooks in my daughter’s room and a picture in the main bathroom. I shall let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!Image