Being a big brave girl!

My son started preschool today at the grand old age of 2 years, 1 month and 6 days. I was terrified. I have looked after and nurtured Lititle F since the day he was born. If he is away from me for any time at all, it’s with family. Leaving my precious child with complete strangers for 3 hours had me almost hyperventilating.

My son on the other hand was in his element. The second I undid the straps of his stroller he was off. He gave me a very hurried kiss goodbye and didn’t look back. Walking home I was glad to still have Little I with me who will very much need mummy for the next couple of years at least.

When I returned 3 hours later I was very pleased but also saddened to hear that Little F had really enjoyed himself and hadn’t looked or cried for me once. His next session is tomorrow, I am hoping I can be a big brave girl like I was today.

Introducing Mrs O

I’m Mrs O and this is a blog all about my life, loves, laughs and purchases (there are a lot of those). I’m a mummy to two gorgeous children. Little F, my 2 year old son who has just started preschool, and the newest edition to the family, Little I, my beautiful 10 week old daughter. My husband is the owner if a very successful, local I.T. Company and is the reason why I am lucky enough to be able to put ‘housewife’ as my job description. I hope you’ll enjoy this insight in to my life and will laugh with me along the way. Mrs O x